Payment Links

Don't let time kill your deals! Create and share one-time payment links within a matter of seconds. Use payment links to collect down payments, doc fees, or any form of deposit as soon as your borrower is ready.

Share anywhere, anytime

Quickly share one-time payment links via email, text, social media, or link them to your website

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No customer account required

Your customers don't need to create an account to checkout with payment links. It's quick, easy, and secure.

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Modern checkout experience

Payment links feature a sleek and modern design so your customers can quickly checkout with confidence

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Quick and easy refunds

If necessary, full and partial refunds can be provided in a matter of seconds at the click of a button

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Bank-level security and compliance

Your financial information is both personal and powerful. GeekPay was designed to ensure complete security of your information every step of the way.

SSL Encryption

GeekPay protects your data using best-in- class encryption protocols

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Payment Tokenization

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Securely store and process payment information with our payment tokenization technology

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging years of safety enhancements to better protect your data

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