Recurring Payments

Remove the hassle of sending out invoices and chasing down borrowers to collect payments each month. Automate your recurring payment collections with GeekPay.

A fully automated system

No more waiting or wondering if your borrowers will pay on time. Connect their payment accounts once, and let GeekPay automatically schedule and process recurring payments according to schedule.

Add monthly recurring fees

Charge additional monthly fees for pro-rated property taxes, note servicing fees, and more. Charge a small note servicing fee to each borrower and turn your portfolio into a profit center, offsetting the cost of the software and boosting your income effortlessly.

Backup payment methods

With the ability to connect multiple payment methods to your loans, failed payments become a thing of the past. GeekPay automatically charges your borrowers next payment method on file if the first payment fails, giving you the peace of mind that you're owed.

Automated email notifications

Payments Due

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Payments Submitted

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Payments Cleared

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Default Notices

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