Platform Updates 2024

Many moons ago, GeekPay was born with a single goal in mind - to create a seamless platform that transforms the way we manage our loans.

And with your help, we were able to accomplish just that.

That being said, the journey doesn’t end there. Continuously guided by the principle of 'Kaizen'—the belief in relentless improvement—we've evolved. Driven by this ethos, GeekPay 2.0 is here.

This is about much more than a fresh new look… With GeekPay 2.0, the necessary groundwork has been laid to support our extremely ambitious vision for the future (more on that to come).

Now is the time to explore and familiarize yourself with GeekPay 2.0. You’ll find immediate improvements aimed at making your loan management even easier. Take this opportunity to explore and provide feedback, and know there is a whole lot more coming soon.

As we move full steam ahead into this next chapter of GeekPay, it’s finally time to say a fond farewell to the old platform. End of Q1 2024, the old platform will be retired, so let’s make sure you’re settled in on the new platform well before then.

You can access the new platform at:

All of the information on the old platform is already there, and any changes you make will be reflected on both platforms (e.g., make a payment and you’ll see it on both platforms). Just a heads-up: New features we're rolling out will only be available on the new platform.

As we make this transition, your two cents are priceless to us. Questions, feedback, or just want to talk it out? You can contact us via the in-app chat or send an email to

Stay tuned for more updates - we’ve got big things coming!

“Keep on lending!”

- The GeekPay Team

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