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One platform to track loans, collect payments,
and protect your revenue.

Automated loan
tracking & reporting

Optimize your loan administration with our auto-tracking and ledgering capabilities.

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recurring payments

Set up recurring ACH & credit card payments with our simple, user-friendly system.

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payment links

Instantly create one-time payment links to finalize deals swiftly and securely.

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borrower portal

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Offer borrowers uninterrupted access to their portal for complete transparency.

Automated email

Boost your operations and client interactions with automated email alerts.

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Free chat & email

Rely on GeekPay's dedicated support team for timely assistance when required.

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Erik Peterson, Founder/CEO

"When it comes to online note management apps GeekPay stands out above the rest. I can automate monthly note payments and save time & money! The fees are lower, the interface is easy to use and best of all my clients love it.”

Adam Link, Founder/CEO

"GeekPay has made my note collection a breeze. It's simple to use, my customers love it and I love getting paid in an automated fashion."

Tom Willis, Managing Member

"GeekPay has saved me so much time and hassle, plus my customers love the light hearted fun facts."


Bank-level security and compliance

Your financial information is both personal and powerful. GeekPay was designed to ensure complete security of your information every step of the way.

SSL Encryption

GeekPay protects your data using best-in- class encryption protocols

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Payment Tokenization

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Securely store and process payment information with our payment tokenization technology

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging years of safety enhancements to better protect your data

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